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$5.00 USD

Lumber Housecoat/Kimono
Pattern by Andrew Scripter
Construction by Celia Haviland

XL in size (fits baggy on most, but that's the look)
Fabric (exterior): Lambs Ear color Designtex polyester Gamut Fabric (water resistant) Dye Sublimated print.
Fabric (interior): Natural Thin cotton Messaline

*NOTE* This is a raffle, with your purchase of this item (aka "raffle ticket") your name and email will be added to the list of possible winners. On September 1st we will randomly choose a winner of the item. Details will be posted in Instagram (@wingclubpress) and winner will be contacted through provided info.

All proceeds of the raffle will be donated to Maine Peoples Housing Coalitions fundraiser for Mobile Showers for Portlands Homeless Community.